WirelessDMX Luz da lavadora de parede LED

Luz da lavadora de parede LED is mainly used for decoration and highlight in building, stage, event,  frame, garden, restaurant and architectural lighting etc, by offering colorful and magic environment. It can work in independent mode and DMX mode, which can generate various color changing effects, such as flashing, fading, steady, seven color jumping synchronously etc. DMX256 class gray degree dimmer, DMX programmable (thousands of effects available if many lights connected together).


A.Structure and Specification
Material of Shell: Aluminum alloy
Weight: 5.0kgs ± 5%
Rotary angle:
Vertical turn( -45º ~ +90º)
Horizontal turn ( -90º ~ +90º)

B .Technical Parameters
Input Voltage: 100V-256V AC
Protection Rating: IP65
Operating Temperature: -20 ℃~ 40 ℃

C .Function
Seven colors static, seven colors change, seven color fade, seven color strobe

D .Control mode
1.Independent mode
2.Master/Slave mode
3.DMX mode
4.RGB(A/W/UV) Dimming
Model No. LED Quantity LED Type Color Power Consumption Beam Angle Project Distance
W-LWW-1-36P-RGB 36 1W LED R-12, G-12,B-12 36Watts 15º 30º 45º 8M to 20M
W-LWW-1-30P-RGBAW 30 1W LED R-6,G-6,B-6,A-6,W-6 32Watts 15º 30º 45º 6M to 15M
W-LWW-1-32P-RGBAW 32 1W LED R-8,G-6,B-6,A-6,W-6 34Watts 15º 30º 45º 6M to 15M
W-LWW-1-18P-TriColor 18 3W 3IN1 LED RGB-18 55Watts 25º 45º 25M to 30M
W-LWW-1-12P-RGBA 12 4W 4IN1 LED RGBA-12 45Watts 25º 20M
W-LWW-1-12P-RGBW 12 4W 4IN1 LED RGBW-12 45Watts 25º 20M
W-LWW-1-15P-RGBA 15 4W 4IN1 LED RGBA-15 58Watts 25º 20M
W-LWW-1-15P-RGBW 15 4W 4IN1 LED RGBW-15 58Watts 25º 20M
W-LWW-1-12P-RGBAW 12 5W 5IN1 LED RGBAW-12 58Watts 25º 20M
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